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Shaping Our Products to Meet Your Needs

Custom Metal Fabrication Services You Can Rely On

If you’re looking for someone who can bend, cut, or weld metal into whatever you want, look no further than Excel Steel Works. Whether you need a custom repair or even a cage for your pet bear, our team in Harrisonburg, VA is more than capable of producing products that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

About Us

Excel Steel Works is a full-service metal shop that has been proudly serving the Shenandoah Valley community for more than 65 years. All sorts of people come to us for help like home builders, roofers, electrical contractors, farmers, homeowners and artists.

Our Mission

Excel Steel Works strives to be the premier name in the custom metal fabrication industry while maintaining a strong relationship with our surrounding community, focusing on quality, integrity and value.

What We Offer


We have experience in a wide variety of fabrication services in the industrial setting. Our team has guarded machines, built tanks, platforms, fixtures and designed machine line components. We are well versed in food industry standards as well as a variety of other manufacturing and process facilities.


Since our days building chicken nests, mass manufacturing has been a big part of Excel Steel Works. We have designed custom jigs and brake dies to maximize the production flow for projects that require the consistency and quality expected of a manufactured item.  Toolboxes, hose covers, bumpers, and beds are some examples of high quanity parts.

Sheet Metal

While we are not an HVAC company, we can build all aspects of ductwork for both commercial and residential customers. We also specialize in sheet metal fabrication. We manufacture chimney caps, cladding walls with stainless steel and stovepipes.

Custom Repair

From wheelchairs to campers, our team is capable of repairing a wide variety of items regardless of its size. With our specialization in metal, we can repair lawn mowers, dump trucks, light fixtures, sinks, cadaver tables, radiators/intercoolers, crutches/walkers, car shredders and truck beds.

Millwright Service

Whether it’s installing something we have fabricated or repairing a piece of your equipment, we are capable of doing the job. Our service trucks are fully equipped with hand tools, power tools and welding equipment.

Light Structural/Misc. Metals

We provide commercial and residential clients with full miscellaneous metal packages, which include stairs, railing, lintels, canopies and mezzanines.

Design Builds

Using the latest 3-D modeling software, we can take your idea and create a fully functional product, which you can then use for different aspects of your project. These include various approvals, fabrications and installation.

Ornamental Metals

We have worked on many projects that require decorative metals of different types and finishes. On occasion, we also collaborate with local woodworkers for a complete project.

Our team can provide stainless dividers, wine racks, powder-coated railings, stainless railings and powder-coated and polished metal trimmings.

Get in Touch With Us

If you are interested in learning more about our services, you are welcome to come and see our shop. We would love to discuss your project’s needs in person. You do not need to worry about scheduling an appointment; we entertain walk-in inquiries.

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